5 company-areas

CarWrap, YachtWrap, GlassWrap InteriorDesign Wrap and UrbanWrap comply every costumer preference.

With their 5 company-areas every interior and exterior restyling of cars, boats and yachts within the private and commercial area can be realised. This allows a dynamic communication, flexible and quick with a minimal expenditure. With diverse final designs it is possible to give singularity to cars and to personalise Yachts with a Wrap that ensures total water protection and to move fast in the water at once.

Wrap > quick, easy, low-cost, multifunctional, ecological


  • Protection and personalisation freeboard
  • Tuning with uniform colours
  • Creative tuning with graphic personalisation
  • Antifouling
  • Strong materials
  • Consumption reduction
  • Performance increase
  • Green
  • Quick installation and execution
  • 5 years resistance
  • Lower running costs

Interior design

  • Easy renovation of the furniture
  • Personalised furniture and walls
  • Easy care
  • Lower costs for the renovation and rehabilitation
  • Economic
  • Long resistance


  • Personalized glasses
  • 10.000 different types
  • Safety
  • Glass DIN 626
  • Security and privacy
  • Glass refining
  • Sun protection
  • Lower indoor heat development up to 60%
  • Energy savings +/- 4 %