Emerald Yachts – Ecology

Dear customer, we are very thankful for your trust to our company and we want to let you know about our activities in terms of the environment and the nature which surrounds us.

Emerald Yachts has always been committed to respect the nature and the good times that come with it, because we believe that the right measures to keep the environmental clean are a guarantee of the survival of nature, our life and our work. We are happy to inform you what prevention measures we have been carrying out for years on your boat in the context of shipbuilding:

  • Boats are cleaned only in specialised areas, with more than 90% biodegradable cleaning products. In this areas, the water is filled into a de-oiling tank. The remaining oil will then be directed into a tank which gets emptied in regular intervals. The water is cleaned again and then send to the sewage system.
  • The grinding works are carried out with a special vacuum cleaner, which collects the paint powder that gets stored first and then disposed off.
  • The application of the new antifouling takes place only after vessels have been positioned under the boat on an absorbent cloth to collect the drops of painting. Later they get disposed with busts, rollers, paper, nylon, empty cans and consumables.
  • Each battery we replace is stored in a special room, collected monthly and disposed off
  • The oil, the filters and all other engine parts are stored and then disposed off.
  • Each item, made of metal, rubber resin, wood, upholstery, electronic instruments, nylon sheets, hulls etc. is stored and disposed off.
  • Every municipal and special trash is sorted in different ways and disposed off properly.
  • In the offices, the toners of photo copies and printers are also stored and disposed off
  • The charging process of the air conditioners on the boats is carried out only with gas, which is approved and complies with the applicable laws.
  • All shipyard water hoses are equipped with automatic closure mechanisms to prevent water waste.
  • The lighting of the shipyard was equipped with energy-saving systems, to avoid pollution of the environment.
  • The collection and disposal of all the trash is only carried out by specialised and authorised companies.